Title: Awakening
Material: jade, bronze & steel
Dimensions: 65" x 30" x 33"

Veined and patterned like a butterfly's wing,
this unique and treasured piece of jade inspired the sculptor
to create what is undoubtedly the world's largest carved jade butterfly.

The jade image of a butterfly
emerging from the chrysalis presents
a most interesting dichotomy
dealing with the concepts
of permanence and impermanence,
Yin and Yang. The ephemeral
qualities of the butterfly contrast
sharply with the timeless and enduring
qualities of jade.

Yet jade, revered in the Orient
as the "Stone of Heaven,"
perfectly completes a cycle of thought,
reminding the viewer of the transformational
and elusive qualities of life,
symbolized in this instance by
the butterfly's emergence and
the inferred completion of a cycle.


Work in progress







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