Title: Ovation
Material: Canadian jade
Dimensions: 72" x 53" x 15"

Commisioned artist: Fa Cheong Chong
Deborah worked on the Yin rock as Fa Cheong Chong's assistant.
Site: a restored heritage building in Singapore presently used by University of Chicago

This passage is taken from the artist statement for the sculpture "OVATION":

..."Conceptually, Ovation is based on the Yin-Yang idea and the choice of keeping natural jade rock forms, sculpted naturally over thousands of years, is to retain the richness and antiquity of the material.
....The smaller of the rocks was quarried from a river. It is essentially a smooth pebble rock and was carved to represent the female Yin aspect. The larger rock was carved and polished to give a busier overall male surface and a large area was kept natural to retain its original "skin" texture."


Work in progress




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